About us

Our History

  We are a family owned and operated koi and goldfish farm, with 25 years of experience in pond management and exotic fish breeding. 
  I was introduced as a child into the great hobby of fish keeping by my father. In the mid 90’s I took my fish keeping hobby to another level and started raising and breeding Piranhas. 
  I later moved onto Tiger Shovelnose catfish into the late 90’s and early 2000’s. In the early 2000’s I decide to do a career change and went onto being an over the road truck driver for 21 years. Never losing my passion for the fishkeeping hobby. 
  In 2014 we dug our first 3 ponds in Maryland and started raising koi and fancy goldfish. In 2015 we expanded and added a fourth pond to meet the needs of our fish family as they grew.
  In 2016 we started supplying some LFS pet stores in the Western New York and Western Pennsylvania area. 
  By 2019 we now had 7 ponds in Maryland and 88 varieties of koi and goldfish. 
  In early 2020 we decide to take this all to another level and start looking for more property to expand our operation. 
  By 2021 we had found a 14 acre piece of property in North Western Pennsylvania right in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains in a town called Bradford, Pennsylvania. It is a small town community that was ranked #7 on Hallmarks list of small town Pennsylvania, and also the town I was born in.
  Early 2022 we break ground on our new 52 pond farm and aquatic nursery. Our goal is to bring the best domestic bred koi and goldfish to our customers at a price that all hobbies can enjoy the beauty of these fish.